Have you ever wondered how to get 360 Waves in your hair?

How to get waves on your right side?


The best 360 hair waves pomade?


The missing details your not getting from other methods?


Want to be the envy of your friends?


You've seen someone with sea-sick 360 waves and wondered how did they get them?


Then you have come to the right spot.

For as long as I can remember, wave hair styling has always been in existence. Nowadays, it is rarely impossible to find someone showing off their hair style with no wave patterns. From Usher, to Koby Bryant, everyone wants or is trying to achieve and maintain their waves. Me personally, I have done almost any and everything to achieve the wave pattern I desired. Countless brushing came to a point were my scalp was starting to feel the bristles which began to cause pain to the scalp. From using hair texturizers, pomades, conditioners, etc. I was able to figure out which method worked for me and people with other hair textures. It is very important you find the method that works for your hair. Which products work well with the texture of your skin. All of this can be found in my tutorial.





In this tutorial, i will explain to you all this, the do's and don'ts of achieving waves, what products to use and what products not to use, myths. The best method for you depending on the softness or roughness of your hair, what you should to tell your barber to improve your wave potential, Most importantly, my tutorial will show you the REAL methods used by celebrity stylist and professionals of the 360 wave styling teams!.




Same Methods Used By Barbers, Celebrities, and the Top

360 Hair Wave Professionals!


If you can follow these simple instructions below, then you will get professional 360 waves with my easy step by step tutorial! These are just examples of an illustration you can find in my tutorial. As you can see, Their is missing instructions not mentioned below, in order to get my full detailed step by step methods, you will have to order the tutorial.


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